Oral Presentation Guideline (Full and Short Papers)

Both full and short papers will be presented in an oral session. Each full paper will be allocated 15 minutes (13 min presentation + 2 min Q&A) and each short paper will be allocated 10 minutes (8 min presentation + 2 min Q&A).

Your presentation should preferably be uploaded to the PC in the session room in advance. Alternatively, you can use your own laptop. It is recommended to test the presentation materials, e.g. video and audio, as well as your laptop in advance of the session to ensure compatibility. It is also a good idea to have your presentation material on a U-Disk as a backup even if you plan to use your own laptop. Each room will have volunteers that can help to provide technical support.

Presenters are requested to be present in the room at least 5 minutes before the start of their session to introduce themselves to the session chair.

Poster Session Guideline (Full and Short Papers)

All accepted full and short papers are required to be presented also on the poster session. The size of posters should be 120 cm (height) * 80 cm (width). Scotch tape and scissors will be provided at the poster session.